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Packing assistance in Stockholm

Sometimes it can be stressful to keep up with all the details of your move. There’s not enough time and everyday tasks take up your time. That’s why our packing assistance is available.

It is human nature to need a little extra help in certain situations. We are there to lend a helping hand if we can make things easier for you and reduce your stress so you can focus on your life and your loved ones.



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Down & Unpacking your move

We know how to deal with sensitive household goods. Porcelain and glass are carefully packed with tissue paper and shredded. Everything is packed with structure and safety in mind. Moving boxes are marked with rooms and contents. Our staff are trained to handle your belongings with care, respect and responsibility.

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We are more than happy to help you pack your luggage.

We regularly carry out packing assignments throughout Greater Stockholm. We have packed everything from large villas and offices to smaller apartments. Sometimes both unpacking and packing. Sometimes just packing.

Typically, we help our customers with the packing of kitchens and glassware and crockery. This is to ensure full insurance coverage on packed household goods in accordance with the moving industry guidelines, Household Goods 2010 and Office 2003.

Present all the way

Once you have accepted our offer, with the subsequent booking confirmation from us, we will be present all the way until the move is completed and through the subsequent follow-up and invoicing. We are only a phone call or email away and we do our very best to provide immediate answers to any questions you may have.

Recycling and reuse

When you move, take the opportunity to clear out what you don’t need! While we’re at it, we’re happy to help you with recycling and reuse. We try to find homes for your old things and clothes. We think there is far too much waste, so help us make the world a better place. We work with Erikshjäpen and aim to maximize the reuse of your old items.

quick quote

Submit a free quote request online and easily and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Customer service

In our first phone call, we go through all the essential details of your move.


With our fixed price, you can rest assured that everything is included. There are no hidden charges.

Do you need interim storage?

We offer safe, dry and heated storage with us.

Store your furniture and belongings safely in our secure storage facilities. Are you going away and subletting your apartment, or perhaps you have furniture and belongings you don’t want to get rid of? Maybe you need to store furniture in connection with your private or office move. In that case, storage with us is a safe and good option for short or long term storage.

This is included in Packing Assistance

When booking packing assistance with the Jordgubbsprinsen is included:

  • Fully comprehensive insurance of packaged goods via Svedea
  • Delivery and recovery of borrowed removal boxes
  • Other packaging materials such as bubble wrap, tissue paper and waste paper
  • Structured labeling of moving boxes

Passionate about service

We are passionate about service and promise to do our very best to give you a perfect customer experience.

Better everyday life

Our constant aim is to make your life better and your moving day a positive and empowering experience.


We are fully insured and always handle our assignments responsibly and safely.

Family business

We are a family business offering a complete moving and cleaning service in Stockholm.

Always focusing on the customer

From the first contact and throughout the process, our focus is on you.


We are here for you with flexible solutions as each assignment is unique.


Whether you need temporary storage in connection with a move or long-term storage, we have space for you and yours.

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