Jordgubbsprinsen moving company in Stockholm, Linköping och Norrköping

A moving company that cares about you

Jordgubbsprinsen has carried out thousands of relocations as a moving company in Stockholm, Norrköping, and Linköping, with just as many satisfied customers. Over the years, we have gathered valuable experiences and knowledge that create the best conditions for a perfect service for our customers.

Jordgubbsprinsen Flyttfirma i Stockholm Norrköping och Linköping - Flytthjälp och flyttstädning med nöjdkunds garanti


Move Royally with one of Sweden’s most recommended moving companies

Jordgubbsprinsen flyttfirma och städservice 10 år i rad rekommenderat företag

Our customers like us. It is through recommendations that we get our new assignments. Hundreds of our reviews can be read on Reco. At, we work with verified reviews. This means that all customer reviews written about us are guaranteed to be genuine customers.

Leave all the hard work to Jordgubbsprinsen moving company!

Jordgubbsprinsen has carried out thousands of moves as a moving company in Stockholm, Norrköping, and Linköping, with just as many satisfied customers. Over the years, we have accumulated valuable experiences and knowledge that create the best conditions for perfect service to our customers.

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A moving company that likes to help and make things easier for its customers

We want to make our customers’ and fellow human beings’ day a little better, a little happier because we know that when we genuinely care about and provide joy and thoughtfulness, we feel better as humans, and we get so much back every day in so many different ways.

Jordgubbsprinsen Moving Company

Jordgubbsprinsen moving company offers complete moving and cleaning services

We are a family business that provides comprehensive moving and cleaning services in Stockholm. We are passionate about service and promise to do our utmost to give you a perfect customer experience. From the first contact and throughout the entire process, our focus is on you.

Move royally

We believe that moving with us should be relaxing. So, take advantage of this time and take a short trip or just relax.

Top-class cleaning

Jordgubbsprinsen performs daily cleaning and major cleaning throughout Greater Stockholm. This includes apartments and villas to offices.

Professional packing

We have packed everything from large villas and offices to smaller apartments. Sometimes both packing and unpacking. Sometimes just packing.

Stressfri flytt - 10 saker att göra 4 veckor innan du flyttar
Jordgubbsprinsen Moving Company Stockholm

Move Royally with Jordgubbsprinsen moving company in Stockholm

Forget all the hassle and let us handle your entire move safely and responsibly. Contact us for more information!


We pack


We move


We clean


We unpack

Moving company with an affordable solution

Flytta som en prins med Jordgubbsprinsen flyttfirma

Move like a prince with Jordgubbsprinsen moving company. If you don’t want to move like a king, you can always choose to move like a prince; this includes everything in the ‘Move Royally‘ package EXCEPT unpacking

11 frågor som man bör ställa en flyttfirma innan man beställer flytthjälp

Your Reliable Moving Company in Stockholm.

Transparent pricing with Jordgubbsprinsen moving company!

We stand out from other moving companies. At Jordgubbsprinsen, we prioritize clear communication and avoid hidden extra costs. Our goal is to make everything straightforward. When you book with us, you know upfront what you’re paying for. That’s why everything is included in our hourly rate!


Jordgubbsprinsen moving company in Stockholm also provides packing and cleaning services.

While packing and cleaning services are available separately, we offer combined package deals. If you require complete moving assistance, opt for our ‘Move Royally’ package, which includes packing, moving, and cleaning. You simply hand over the key, and we take care of the rest, ensuring full responsibility for your move.

Move Royally = a bundled price for packing, moving, and cleaning services!


Relax and let go of the stress

Jordgubbsprinsen moving company daily assists our customers with professional packing services. If you’re in Stockholm, Solna, or nearby, we’re here to help, especially when you’re short on time. Our packing service comes with all necessary materials, and we work methodically to ensure safe and secure packing, backed by comprehensive insurance.

We always offer a fixed price quote!

Instead of variable rates, we provide fixed price quotes. This means you know the cost of your move in advance, with no hidden fees – the fixed price covers everything, including any initial fees. Get your free, online, and easy quote today.

Free Loan of Moving Boxes

Jordgubbsprinsen offers a four-week free loan of moving boxes to all customers. We also provide delivery and collection of boxes in Stockholm for a nominal fee, including carrying them to your apartment. You can also buy packing paper, labels, and bubble wrap from us, which we’ll bring during delivery.

Thoughtful Planning

Successful moving starts with careful planning. From your first contact with us, we’ll help you develop a tailored plan for your unique situation. We present this plan along with our quote, offering both fixed and variable pricing options – the choice is yours.

Efficient, Smart, and Safe Moving

With Jordgubbsprinsen, your move is insured, and our experienced team ensures a smooth and secure process. Whether you’re moving nearby or far, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer free, no-obligation quotes – call us, book a visit, or request a quote online, simply and at no cost!


Choose Jordgubbsprinsen for your relocation!

  • Goods and belongings will arrive safely and on time.
  • We have comprehensive insurance and only work with approved staff.
  • The move is always tailored to the customer’s needs – we offer cleaning, financing, and insurance.
  • We use the best packing materials on the market.
  • Our services are very cost-effective. Total economic solutions provide added value at the right price!
Flyttstädning Stockholm Jordgubbsprinsen flyttfirma

We guarantee your safety.

It’s rare for anything to get damaged during our moves. But in case of an accident, you can feel at ease. We always meticulously follow our safety procedures to minimize the risk of damage. No matter how well we prepare, incidents can still occur. If an accident happens, it’s important to us that our customers remain unharmed.

Vi har kompletta försäkringar på Svedea.

We have comprehensive insurance with Trygg-Hansa.

All our employees are fully insured through Fora.


Vare sig ni behöver mellanlagra i samband med flytt eller långtids magasinering så har vi utrymme för dig och er.

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