Moving boxes

Pick-up and drop-off (Stockholm)

(existing customers only)

Free Wednesdays and Fridays 09:00 – 16:00

Address: Sparbanksvägen 75, 129 30 Hägersten.

Collection and return (Östergötland)

(existing customers only)

Call to make an appointment.

Address: Nyckelgatan 12, 589 41 Linköping.

Free loan of moving boxes in

4 weeks

It is important that moving boxes can withstand the weight and protect sensitive contents from the risk of impact during moving and transportation. We always work with high quality and stable moving boxes. These can be borrowed from us free of charge for four weeks during the move.



Jordgubbsprinsen recommended company for 9 years

Free loan of moving boxes for 4 weeks Jordgubbsprinsen Flyttfirma in Stockholm.

Avoid the hassle!

We also offer delivery and recovery within Greater Stockholm. We also carry the boxes all the way to your apartment.

Contact us for

to borrow moving boxes!

You can also buy packing materials from us

  • Shredding
    (for packing of kitchen/china/glass): 350 kr incl. VAT (10 kg)

  • Bubble wrap
    : 99 kr inc VAT (10 x 1 m)

  • Corrugated cardboard
    : 49 kr incl. VAT (10 x 1 m)
  • Labels (for marking moving boxes): 10 kr incl. VAT (24 pcs)

  • Marking pens
    (black, red, green, blue): 70 kr incl. VAT (4-pack)

  • Moving boxes
    : 30 kr/st incl. VAT

  • Wardrobe boxes
    : 180 kr/st incl. VAT

Do you need interim storage?

We offer safe, dry and heated storage with us.

Store your furniture and belongings safely in our secure storage facilities. Are you going away and subletting your apartment, or perhaps you have furniture and possessions that you don’t want to get rid of? Maybe you need to store furniture in connection with your private or office move? In that case, storage with us is a safe and good option for short or long term storage.

Passionate about service

We are passionate about service and promise to do our very best to give you a perfect customer experience.

Better everyday life

Our constant aim is to make your life better and your moving day a positive and empowering experience.


We are fully insured and always handle our assignments responsibly and safely.

Family business

We are a family business that offers complete moving and cleaning services in Stockholm, Norrköping and Linköping.

Always focusing on the customer

From the first contact and throughout the process, our focus is on you.


We are here for you with flexible solutions as each assignment is unique.


Whether you need temporary storage in connection with a move or long-term storage, we have space for you and yours.

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6 things to do before the movers arrive

50% routine deduction
, tax reduction for household services (private individuals)

Moving and cleaning are included in the group of household services where, if you meet the conditions, you are entitled to a 50% tax reduction on the cost of the work (routine deduction).

So with the rut deduction, you only pay 50% of the cost of the work. A big saving! As of January 1, 2021, the personal maximum ceiling for routine deductions is SEK 75,000 per year, which corresponds to a total labor cost of SEK 150,000 per person and year.