moving house cleaning with a quality guarantee.

Once our removal team has left your old home with the household goods, our cleaning team is ready to take over and help you with the removal cleaning.

We are experts and offer removal cleaning that is both insured and follows the guidelines of the Swedish Consumer Agency. We have long experience and competitive prices!


What's included in moving house cleaning


moving house cleaning in Stockholm


100% customer satisfaction

Removal cleaning in Stockholm with Jordgubbsprinsen Removal and cleaning company

50% RUT deduction

Veronica E.

I have never seen my home so nicely cleaned as after the moving houseone.

Always a 7-day cleaning guarantee

Our cleaning services are always carried out with care and quality. We make sure that the next occupant feels welcome to a clean and tidy home. A 7-day cleaning guarantee is always included as standard at Jordgubbsprinsen. Vi will fix any deficiencies within 7 days.

7-day customer satisfaction guarantee

Customer satisfaction guarantee for both you and the person moving in.

Jordgubbsprinsen Moving company in Stockholm
Moving cleaning Stockholm Jordgubbsprinsen moving company

Fixed price cleaning services throughout Stockholm and Östergötland.

Jordgubbsprinsen carries out daily removal cleaning throughout Greater Stockholm. From apartments and villas to office space. No job is too big or too small for us. We like challenges and we always do our utmost to satisfy our customers’ requests, big or small.

Our own cleaning team is ready to help you!

Our constant goal is to make the cleaning process both easy and stress-free for our customers. You should feel comfortable handing over responsibility to us. Cleaning with a 50% box deduction.

Contact us for for a free quote!

Moving cleaning in Stockholm with Jordgubbsprinsen

We adapt to your needs

We have extensive experience and professional staff who carry out removal cleaning with a sense of environment, quality and service.

We adapt to the customer’s needs and wishes without having to pay extra.

We can carry out removal cleaning every day of the week and guarantee that the removal cleaning will be carried out to the highest standards. Inspection takes place after the work has been completed.



Jordgubbsprinsen recommended company for 9 years

Quick quote

Submit a free quote request online and easily and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Customer service

In our first phone call, we go through all the essential details of your move.

Fixed price

With our fixed price, you can rest assured that everything is included. There are no hidden charges.

We follow the guidelines of the estate agents’ association

We always have our own cleaning materials with us. With two to five cleaning technicians on site, we can always guarantee an efficient and high quality cleaning service. For all relocation cleanings, a post-clearance check is also carried out by our cleaning manager to ensure that the cleaning result meets our high quality standards. We care about our employees. All are insured through Fora.

From small apartments to large premises

There are many benefits to having a professional cleaning company do your move cleaning. You save time and can concentrate on getting the place you are moving to ready. We at Jordgubbsprinsen are aimed at those who, for various reasons, do not want to or cannot carry out a removal cleaning themselves. Jordgubbsprinsen Städservice helps companies and individuals to leave a clean and fresh apartment, villa or premises.

What is included in a removal cleaning

All rooms

    • Vacuuming
    • Wet wiping of floors
    • Window cleaning
    • Dusting of walls (not stain removal)
    • Sweeping of fireplaces and stoves (including glass doors)
    • Electrical outlets & switches
    • Window sills & window frames
    • Element
    • Interior doors, door handles & door frames
    • Floors, skirting boards & thresholds
    • Fixed wardrobes & hat racks (emptied)
    • Fixed lighting
    • Window cleaning


    • Valve (not internal)
    • Cooker hood
    • Oven/stove/plates/grid (subject to excessive burnt-in grease/dirt)
    • Fridge & freezer (inside and outside)
    • Dishwasher (inside and outside)
    • Microwave (inside and outside)
    • Cabinets & drawers
    • Cabinet doors & drawer fronts
    • Workbenches
    • Behind the stove (if possible)
    • Behind the fridge (if possible)


    • Interior and exterior bathroom cabinets
    • Bidding
    • Wiping of pipes
    • Mirrors
    • Bathtub (without front)
    • Shower
    • Sink
    • Toilet
    • Washbasin
    • Floor drain (if possible to open, to be decided by the cleaning manager)
    • Descaling & cleaning of tiles/clinkers
    • Valve (not internal)
    • Washing machine (interior included)
    • Dryer (interior included)


    • Sweeping of garages & storage areas (attic/basement)
    • Sweeping the balcony

    Note! After each move, we want you to inspect the property. A 7-day cleaning guarantee applies after cleaning.

    Additional services

    (not included in the regular removal cleaning)

    • Glazed balcony
    • Blinds washing
    • Coatings belonging to the façade (e.g. outside of the front door).
    • Fireplace (cleaning inside)
    • Wiping of walls & ceilings

    Important to consider:

    A removal cleaning cannot make surface materials new. Walls, carpentry, kitchen etc. age and surfaces deteriorate over time. Heavily soiled and worn surface materials and equipment such as toilet seats, white goods, etc. cannot always be restored by removal cleaning (this requires renovation and painting work for a satisfactory result).

    Professional removal cleaning in Stockholm

    When you move, there are so many things to do besides cleaning. Leave the move cleaning to us, and concentrate on moving to your new home instead. A few days before the planned move, we will agree on practical issues such as keys, meeting point and suitable times. We go through the quote together to make sure that the quote matches the order. The cleaning is done carefully by our staff according to a checklist adapted to your home.

    Things to consider before cleaning your home:

    • The freezer must be defrosted to allow for cleaning.
    • The water trap is not cleaned.
    • We clean behind all white goods but we always recommend to our customers to push out heavy white goods such as stove, fridge, washing machine before the move cleaning.
    • We do not clean jets in jacuzzis.
    • Glass panels on the oven door are disassembled by us if possible.
    • Many older windows that are 4-sided are screwed together. Let us know before the move if you need tools to open windows.
    • Skylights and windows that cannot be cleaned from the inside are booked separately.

    Passionate about service

    We are passionate about service and promise to do our very best to give you a perfect customer experience.

    Better everyday life

    Our constant aim is to make your life better and your moving day a positive and empowering experience.


    We are fully insured and always handle our assignments responsibly and safely.

    Family business

    We are a family business offering a complete moving and cleaning service in Stockholm.

    Always focusing on the customer

    From the first contact and throughout the process, our focus is on you.


    We are here for you with flexible solutions as each assignment is unique.

    Frequently asked questions

    Is a fridge/freezer included in moving house cleaning?

    In moving cleaning, the exterior and interior cleaning of the fridge / freezer is included if they are defrosted in advance, if you also want help with defrosting, it is an addition that we offer for SEK 495 including VAT.


    Whether you need temporary storage in connection with a move or long-term storage, we have space for you and yours.

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