Relocation staff wanted! Jordgubbsprinsen is looking for more enthusiastic moving-boys or moving-girls!

25 augusti, 2020

Jordgubbsprinsen Flyttfirma i Stockholm

Relocation staff wanted! Jordgubbsprinsen is looking for more enthusiastic moving-boys or moving-girls!Relocation staff wanted! Jordgubbsprinsen is growing and now we are looking for more enthusiastic and positive moving boys or moving girls for our wonderful moving group. Are you interested in working in a growing moving company that cares and puts the staff first?


Relocation staff wanted! We are a positive bunch who love to provide service. We want to make our customers ’and fellow human beings’ day a little better, a little happier because we believe that when we genuinely care about and give joy and care, we feel better as human beings and we get back so much every day in so many different ways. Do you share our visions and want to develop with us as employees and people? Contact us and we will book a meeting! 🙂


Jordgubbsprinsen started his business in strawberry sales and market trading. In the beginning we sold strawberries in the summer and moved in the winter. Now we have left fruit sales behind us but we keep our charming name. What started as a one-man company with a moving car 6 years ago has today developed into a service company with over 20 cars and 40 employees. We continue our journey and have big plans for the future. With our base in Hägersten, we currently operate throughout Greater Stockholm, but we are growing continuously and during the end of 2020 we plan to open another branch in a nearby region (more info coming soon :)).

For the right man or woman, there are great opportunities to develop with us and take an active part in our success story. Email us at and we will tell you more.

Big hugs


Jordgubbsprinsen Flyttfirma i Stockholm

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